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Name:The Doctor
Location:Time And Space
The Doctor
the Time Lord who became a Time Lady
basic information
• -----SPECIES: Time Lord Lady-----
• -----HOME PLANET: Gallifrey-----
• -----AGE: 900+-----
• -----CURRENT INCARNATION: Eleventh-----
• -----ALIASES: Theta Sigma, John Smith (formerly) Joanna Smith (recently), The Oncoming Storm, Donna Smith (rarely)-----

Months after leaving all his companions behind and vowing to never take on another, the Doctor found himself locked in battle with a deadly entity from a faraway world. He managed to defeat his enemy, but was gravely injured, and knew he had no choice but to retire to the TARDIS and regenerate. At the time of his regeneration, the Doctor was still feeling a bit of guilt for what he'd had to do to Donna, and the new Doctor has began to believe this might have had an effect on the regeneration. Much to his surprise, after the process was over, he discovered that he had regenerated into a female instead of a male, which was typically a rare occurrence for Time Lords. The most startling moment for the new Doctor, however, was when she realized that she looked and sounded exactly like Donna Noble.
Strangely, the Doctor has somehow mostly retained the same personality, habits, and quirks of her previous incarnation. To further the oddness of her situation, the Doctor has noticed that in times of great frustration or annoyance, a bit of Donna's temperament seems to emerge, if only for a moment. She's also developed a fondness for the exclamation Oi!, and says it more often than she has in previous incarnations. The Doctor can be quite the braggert, often stating how beautiful she is ginger, but every time she looks in the mirror, she's reminded of the friend she lost. In spite of herself, the greatest trait The Doctor has retained from her previous incarnation is her love for Rose. In fact, her longing for the feisty young blonde only seems to have intensified since her regeneration. She equates this to the fact that women are far more emotional than men, and tries her best to deal with the constant lingering feelings within.
The Doctor has taken to a style of dress very similar to that of Donna, as she believes that Donna, if anything, has a fantastic fashion sense. She seems to prefer pairing ensembles, typically a colored blouse and black slacks, with Donna's brown leather jacket. When it comes to footwear, she's gained an appreciation for thick-heeled pumps, and she always color-coordinates them with whatever she's wearing. The Doctor usually wears her hair down, just brushed, as she feels it looks better that way, but sometimes opts to pull part of it back.

I am not The Doctor, Donna Noble, or Catherine Tate. The Doctor and Donna are not mine, and I'm not associated with the BBC or Russell T. Davies. I'm just a bored and dorky Doctor Who fan in need of some cracky rp funtiems. No copyright infringement intended.
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